R=1/2 R=3/4 R=1/2 R=3/4 R=1/2 R=3/4 R=1/2 R=3/4
29/32 1-25/32 B129512 B129534 B129712 B129734 B129912 B129934 B129112 B129134
1-13/32 2-9/32 B221512 B221534 B221712 B221734 B221912 B221934 B221112 B221134
1-29/32 2-25/32 B229512 B229534 B229712 B229734 B229912 B229934 B229112 B229134
2-13/32 3-9/32 B321512 B321534 B321712 B321734 B321912 B321934 B321112 B321134
2-29/32 3-25/32 B329512 B329534 B329712 B329734 B329912 B329934 B329112 B329134
3-13/32 4-9/32 B421512 B421534 B421712 B421734 B421912 B421934 B421112 B421134
3-29/32 4-25/32 B429512 B429534 B429712 B429734 B429912 B429934 B429112 B429134
4-13/32 5-9/32 B521512 B521534 B521712 B521734 B521912 B521934 B521112 B521134
4-29/32 5-25/32 B529512 B529534 B529712 B529734 B529912 B529934 B529112 B529134
5-29/32 6-25/32 B629712 B629712 B629912 B629934 B629112 B629134
6-29/32 7-25/32 B729712 B729712 B729912 B729934 B729112 B729134

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