Date Code Screws

Value Mold Components can manufacture your date screws for dies and molds. Date screws for marking date and shift codes in parts are made from P-20 steel. Select from a standard size in the tabs below or send us your custom request. Screws can be purchased as blanks or we can cut your custom markings into the head.

DS-6 M6x1.0 .492 .201 .379
DS-8 M8x1.25 .635 .215 .454
DS-10 M10x1.5 .762 .240 .504
DS-1/4 1/4-20 .492 .201 .379
DS-5/16 5/16-18 .635 .215 .454
DS-3/8 3/8-16 .762 .240 .504

Date Screws are designed with angles to locate and seal against a chamfered hole. The hole for insertion can be cut using a standard 90-degree or 82-degree cutter. Your preference for angles to match either a 90-degree or 82-degree cutter must be specified at time of purchase.

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