The F-Series Slide is a robust, pre-designed cam used to execute side-actions for core pin pulls, details and undercuts in casted or molded parts. Multiple configuration options make the F-Series an effective slide for either plastic injection molding or high pressure die casting.

Based on choosing this pre-existing F-Series design, users can then specify:

  • Slide size
  • Travel distance
  • Actuation method
  • L-Gib or C-Gib style
  • Retention method
  • Top or bottom mount position

Step 1: Identify gib style, actuation method and lock style by selecting a base assembly part number from the table below

P/N Gib Style Actuation Lock Style
FC-100 C-Gib Angle Pin* Wedge Lock
FC-200 C-Gib Angle Pin* Integrated Lock
FC-300 C-Gib Horn Pin Horn pin functions as integrated lock and actuator
FC-400 C-Gib Hydraulic Hydraulic Lock+
FL-100 L-Gib Angle Pin* Wedge Lock
FL-200 L-Gib Angle Pin* Integrated Lock
FL-300 L-Gib Horn Pin Horn Pin functions as integrated lock and actuator
FL-400 L-Gib Hydraulic Hydraulic Lock+

*Angle pin sold separately

+Does not include Hydraulic cylinder

Step 2: Provide the slide body dimensions W x H x L and travel distance that you require

Step 3: Let us know which retention method you require: Spring or Mechanical Retainer

Step 4: Choose Top or Bottom Mount Position

Step 5: Call us at (763) 428-4229 or send an email to quotes@valuemoldcomponents.com to request a quote.


F-Series with C-Gibs


F-Series with L-Gibs


Angle Pin


Horn Pin


Hydraulic Coupler


Integrated Lock


Wedge Lock


Hydraulic Lock