High Velocity Hydro Cooler™ Cascades

Value Mold Components can manufacture your High Velocity Hydro Cooling Cascades domestically for fast delivery. With full in-house design and engineering capabilities, yourcustom requests are always welcomed.

To order please call (763) 428-4229 or send an email to quotes@valuemoldcomponents.com.

Replace Existing Cascades – Send us your current manufacturer’s part number and we will cross-reference to give you our equivalent

Add Cooling to a Non-Cooled Pin – Send us a print or model and we will make the necessary modifications along with recommendations for the type of cascade

Quote your Custom Cascades – Send us your print or model, or request a modification to our standard cascade

High Velocity Hydro Cooler Cascades are utilized to deliver water at high pressure to the inner cooling channel of core pins or inserts. Pressures range from 200 to 300 psi depending upon the capability of the high pressure waterpump and the number of pins being cooled at one time.

Hydro Coolers are inserted into the cooling of a channel of a core pin and seal via thread, o-ring or a silicone grommet.The outer pipe and inner capillary of the Hydro Cooler areconnected to the cascadehead. The head of the cascade may be rotating or stationary.

The head of the cascade has an inlet and an outlet port for water and air. These ports may be threaded for hard piping, or more generally will have one-touch fittings for use with high pressure tubing. The fittings are nickle-plated brass and can be requested to fit 4mm OD or 5/32 OD tubing.The tubing will be connected to a manifold which is further connected to water and air output lines from the High Velocity Hydro Cooling Unit.