Hydro Cooled™ Core Pins

Hydro Cooled Core Pins offer the advantage of controlling cooling temperatures by setting a timed of water discharge followed by a timed air purge. Core pins with cooling channels for High Velocity Hydro Cooling are utilized to combat shrink porosity, core pin solder and washout.

Reduces core pin solder, shrink porosity and washout

High Velocity Hydro Cooling requires the use of a high pressure water pump. The pump is usually part of an integrated High Velocity Cooling Unit which allows the operator to time water and air purges. A cooling channel of approximately 2mm – 4mm diameter reaches to within approximately 10mm of the core pin tip. Water is injected at high pressure (200 psi – 300 psi) for a timed cycle. After water cooling, an air purge prevents over cooling as well as build up steam which can lead to mineral deposits on the inside of the cooling channel.

To order please call (763) 428-4229 or send an email to quotes@valuemoldcomponents.com.

  • Replace Existing Pins – Simply send us a model or print of your current pin with cooling channel and we will quote you price and delivery.
  • Add Cooling to a Non-Cooled Pin – Send us a print or model and we will make the necessary modifications appropriate to your pin size and length including the cooling channel diameter and depth. We will also recommend the cascade dimensions and work with you to choose the most appropriate for your process.