Slide Stock™ – Wear Plates


Wear Plate Stock saves you time and money as you focus resources on your most profitable activities and simply purchase the lower margin items. Wear Plate Stock is finished to width and thickness dimensions. Wear Plate Stock can be ordered in 12″ lengths.You do the value-added finish work by cutting pieces to length and machining bolt holes or other required details.


For F-Slide

Body Width

WP03 3″ 4.500 0.500
WP05 5″ 6.500 0.500
WP06 6″ 8.750 0.625
WP08 8″ 10.750 0.625

To order select your part number and call us at (763) 428-4229 or send an email to

We gladly manufacture slide stock in custom sizes. To request a quote please call us at (763) 428-4229 or send an email with details of your request.

In addition to Slide Stock, Value Mold Components can manufacture your fully custom slide assemblies complete. To receive a quote on a custom slide assembly, please email your CAD file and/or print to